The unique and simple style of rural life combined with the enveloping and heady embrace of the typical landscape of Salento: this is the magical combination that identifies Borgo Fiore, a perfect holiday country house.Placed just 10 minutes from Lecce, the capital of Baroque style, Borgo Fiore is surrounded by the green countryside of Salento, ancient olive groves and flower meadows. The house is located within the Park of Negroamaro, a land destined to wine-tourism activities at the foot of the Serre di Sant’Elia, which is a pleasant place full of history as well.

Borgo Fiore is the right place for short breaks or extended periods of vocation and it offers to its guests a wide range of leisure or rest. Our stuff is always available and guests can dedicate their time to read a book in the shadow of our citrus grove, perhaps cherished by the gentle gusts of the sirocco, or simply relax at the poolside. They can also stand in the airy patio to enjoy fresh and fragrant local products for breakfast or just visit places that are evocative and full of charm for their own history. Throughout the year Borgo Fiore also organizes wine tasting tours in the most renowned wineries of northern Salento, with the possibility of tasting the best local wines from the Negroamaro to the Malvasia, the Salice Salentino Doc and the famous Primitivo of Manduria. (Our guests can then fully experience the extraordinary Salento summer, in particular for its country festivals and concerts. They will also find the Mare Nostrum, the Mediterranean sea full of virtuous contamination of customs and traditions, which revokes ancient peoples and invites the visitor to discover the natural wonders of the coast).